Trixie's Fantasy:

Imagine! The death of my wealthy older
husband leaves me alone and free to give into my lustful impulses with the gardener, the pool boy, and any other young thing I can pay to keep my indescretions silent. With all the money I've come into, there's no need for me to ever get married again! I am free to arrange sordid encounters with as many stud-cocks as my free time will permit.



I'm emotionally untouchable, but delicious to stroke in my satin gloves, my sweaty nylon stockings, and my hot satin panties. And stroke me you must, or you'll be dismissed, banished from my fleshy, cunt-needy presence. I like to be fucked with my clothes still on, and when I've gotten off I simply pull down my skirt, straighten the smart little hat on my head, and insert my sticky little fingers back in my gloves.


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