Trixie's Orange Panties & Wet Pussy

tight black slip
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Hi! My name is Trixie, and these pics are of my girlfriend, Delia. She is super sexy-special with EXTREMELY long legs, so I love to take pictures of her for her homemade website:

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Delia looks SO yummy in hosiery so I love to buy her pantyhose, stockings, thigh-highs and such -- it feels so good when she entwines her nylon-clad legs with mine. I don't even mind when her internet admirers send her fancy legwear because I know I'll get to see and touch her wearing them.

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If you can't tell from the pictures, there's something else that makes Delia a special girl: her beautiful swollen she-cock. I love to see it straining against her pantyhose before I stick it inside me or shoot photos and videos of her stroking it, making it stiffer and longer and harder before her climax.

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Through our love of hosiery, striptease and stroking, Delia now has a large, exciting collection of exclusive photos and downloadable videos on her site:

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She adds new stuff to her members-area every week PLUS we have 24/7 voyeurcams WITH AUDIO broadcasting from inside our house so you can spy on us and her special weekly dress-up nights which include live shows with chat so you can talk to her!