t-girl's Green Thumb Delia
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Delia normally wears very feminine lingerie in the photos on her website, but she got down and dirty in this set by donning a pair of stiff overalls over her pink bra and polka-dot panties. The soft cotton fabric protected her tender pink parts from chafing against the rough cloth of her Carhartts and her pretty gardening gloves kept her fingers soft and clean.

Eventually Delia's girlfriend and photographer, Trixie, asked her to lie down in the grass and warm her she-cock in the sun. It must have felt good because, as you can see, she became very aroused.

Once she couldn't stand to wait any longer, they stopped shooting still photographs and started shooting video, which members can see by joining her homemade website where you can also enjoy watching her and Trixie's spycams and live shows.


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