Trans Delia in Spiderwebs & Crinoline


What do we have here? Delia is a tricky treat decked out in pumpkin queen colors, with orange tights underneath black spiderweb lace thigh highs with a crinoline petticoat on top!

Delia's Site



Give yourself a special Halloween treat this year by visiting Delia's personal website; it's chock full of saucy videos, photos emphasizing her long legs in fishnet and other hosiery, spycams broadcasting around the clock from inside Delia's and Trixie's house, her free diary, and even opportunities for private one-on-one camshows.



Delia's website is 100% pop-up free and committed to giving visitors an authentic homemade-porn experience with honest insights into the life of a lusty transgender babe:

Delia's Site

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