Taboo Teacher Fantasy:

I used to wear this long dress to church years ago, so putting it on now to take sexy pictures makes me imagine myself as a repressed (but HORNY!) Sunday school teacher, all dressed up in stockings and satin panties but hiding all those sweet underthings under a veneer of holy goodness. Maybe I remind you of a lady you've fantasized about
, someone who made you wonder how hot it must smell under my modest skirt hiding my hungry wet pussy with needs I try to ignore.



It's always the seemingly untouchable women who make you want it so bad that you crave leading them astray, or dream of having THEM lead YOU by the hand to a sinful place. Maybe you offer to carry my heavy Sunday school supplies to my house where I live alone. And then WE are alone in my house. And then something very naughty happens and you're staring at my suckably bumpy nipples and fingering my sticky satin panties while your cock twitches against my stockinged leg . . .


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