Tucker is Trixie's Houseboy
beer drinking thug
tip of the hat
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beer swilling swine
Trixie's Houseboy grabs his crotch

Who is this dirty rubber-masked bad-ass? It's TUCKER (aka Trixie's Houseboy) and he has his very own unique porn personality site:

Trixie's Houseboy


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We actually took these pics for Halloween, but damned if there isn't a timeless, sculpted quality to this exaggerated look, kind of like Tucker is Mecha, like Gigolo Joe in "Artificial Intelligence". He's like a lifelike robot pantomiming the utmost levels of masculinity - Halloween, Christmas, the past and the future all rolled up into one.


rubber mask porn
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We love to play around with different fun, sexy stereotypes of masculinity in Tucker's homemade photo galleries and jack-off videos; sometimes he's pretending to be a blue-collar plumber or lumberjack, sometimes a bad cop, and sometimes your jack-off buddy and neighbor sitting around playing video games and rubbing his joystick suggestively.


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Tucker's site is different from most porn sites featuring hot naked guys; it's not totally "gay" nor is it totally "straight" -- it's just SEXY. It's also very personal, with live voyeurcams streaming around the clock from inside his house, live shows, and content you won't find elsewhere!

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